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Denver, CO

I have a train wreck of a spine ... half of it has been fused for 40 years and I'm dealing with lumbar deterioration.  I recently started some physical therapy and used a recumbent step machine, liked it and started looking to see if there was something on the market I could afford and that would fit in my home.

My first and last stop was your store and the CS2.

I want you to know that I'm completely blown away by this apparatus.  It's the only thing I've ever been on that didn't hurt me (other than the rather clunky PT machine).  There are SO many people with bad backs who can't figure out how to regain and retain leg and core strength and I think the CS2 is an incredible tool.

I'm increasing my workout times and I can feel the difference.  And I love every minute on it ... I had no clue that was even possible with exercise equipment.

If I were you, I'd look into marketing this to every spine patient and/or Baby Boomer in Denver.  Chad very nicely gave me a contact in Atlanta so hopefully my 86 year old father can get one too.

Thanks again for a great product and an exceptional respresentative in Chad.

Holly Bowers
Denver, CO

At seventy five years of age, with a background and practice of both body building, Olympic style lifting, martial arts, an instructor and student, I have experienced numerous training methods and their relative merits.

Most recently, I have discovered a training structure that tops them all! It not only strongly motivates me to exercise, but is designed with limitless options. Interestingly, this versatile creation is called INSPIRE FT1.

Regardless, if you are interested in a sport or perhaps the pursuit of a long, healthy life, you'll find what you seek may dwell within the vast capabilities of the INSPIRE FT1.

As a martial artist, Sullivan holds two black belts, has competed in the Junior National Olympics and holds two major awards in bodybuilding.

Ron Sullivan

I purchased an M4 Inspire about 3 months ago and felt compelled to send you a testimonial on the product. I love to workout and have always had a gym membership, but now with two young children, time is at a premium so I built myself a home gym. With the addition of the Inspire M4, I can't believe how great of a workout I can get and now I can't stop talking about my "home gym" and how much I love it. I found the M4 to be extremely well built, very versatile and aesthetically looks awesome. Furthermore, my home gym is located in my basement where we have low ceilings, so the height of the M4 is absolutely perfect and just fits. I spent a lot of time researching and going to try out various machines and I can confidently tell you there is no better piece of equipment out there on the market today that I have seen. I am so completely happy with this home gym and it has motivated me even more to workout more than ever. The cables are smooth and quiet and I love the fact that everything works independently and helps me overcome my dominant side. I injured my back years ago and this machine helps me isolate muscles to get a great pump without any swaying or danger of losing my form. Really, fantastic guys have done a marvelous job and I am very happy with my purchase at Fitness Depot. The people there were terrific and I was very pleased that you selected them to represent your product since I buy a lot from them and their service has always been excellent.

Wayne Benson

To whom it may concern, As the Texas State Fair approaches, I am reminded of the wonderful experience we have had with your product and it gives me great pleasure to write this letter to inform you that the Inspire FT1 Trainer has truly changed our lives. My son, Zion, is fulltime wheelchair user and suffers from numerous medical issues, and this machine has allowed him to successfully accomplish a full work out with minimal assistance from others. It has been instrumental in changing my son’s perspective of an exercise routine and has pushed him to reach his maximum endurance level. Furthermore, it has allowed his physical therapist to adapt his unique abilities, so that he can receive optimal treatment despite his physical limitations. It has empowered, motivated, and pushed him to develop his muscles and strengthened his core. As a result, my son’s self-esteem and confidence have had a momentous change. This machine has provided my family with the ability to guide and support our son on his journey to becoming active and healthy. We hope to see you again this year to personally thank you for your contributions to the enrichment of his life. Respectfully Submitted, Fatima Rangel

Fatima Rangel

Norwalk, Ohio

I just wanted you to know that I purchased this machine about two months ago and it is the only way I have ever been able to get my wife interested in lifting. She loves it and uses it faithfully at least twice a week. I have a basement full of free-weights and have had a couple other machines and this is the only one that would ever get her to the basement. I think it is because of the ease of use. I have to admit that even though I have been a powerlifter, I have started using only the machine for my Saturday workouts and I love it. I attached a couple of pictures I took of it in my basement. Thanks for a great product.

Steve Beal
Norwalk, Ohio

Calgary, Alberta

We installed some additional weights yesterday on our fairly new M1 and ran into some difficulty with reassembly. We phoned Chuck in Orange, CA for assistance as we had a discussion with him on a previous occasion. Well, he could not have been more helpful as he guided us through the process skillfully and in a very kind and understanding manner. I thought that with the usual complaints we generally hear about service, an accolade for Chuck (don't have his last name) was called for. Thanks again to you all and especially Chuck, for your quality product and excellent service. Yours Sincerely,

David MacDonald
Alberta Canada


I just finished assembly of my new M3 and I am thrilled with this machine. As an engineer I appreciate the impeccable combination of form AND function that the M3 delivers. The attention to detail first became evident as the boxes were opened. It's obvious that the folks at Inspire Fitness have such pride in their product that has led to container and tie-down design that will not allow their machine to be damaged during shipping. Parts were tie-wrapped to prevent relative motion which could otherwise lead to damage. Assembly was not difficult because of the incredibly well designed assembly manual. The combination of high quality drawings and corresponding instructions made assembly a breeze. At the end of assembly there was not a single part missing or unused. That was awesome! Finally the aesthetics of the machine speaks for itself. I could tell the first time I laid eyes on it that aesthetically this machine was different from the others. From the color coordinated seats and weight stack shroud, to the curvature of the various brackets, to the compact nature that allows a combination of fixed motion and free range lifting, this machine has it all! I bought this machine from "Jake" at Fitness Experts in Ann Arbor, Mi. Thanks Jake for recommending a great value and an outstanding machine! Regards,

Dave Minner
Milford, MI

West Chester, PA

I purchased an M2 home gym with the leg-press attachment two months ago, and I am very pleased with it. As a former mechanical engineer, I found the design and construction to be impressive. The action is very smooth, and the seating areas are comfortable. Customer support was also excellent. I had several questions about the gym, and the company was very responsive.

John Shope
West Chester, PA

St. Charles, IL.

I just purchased and installed one of your M2 Home Gym systems (with heavy stack) from Chicago Home Fitness. I am extremely pleased - a well integrated high-quality great system. Smooth performance, quiet and comfortable. I cannot overstate my satisfaction. I hope that 5 years from now the system will be as great as it is today. After much research and analysis I had it down to the Bodycraft, the Hoist and Precor systems. The M2 won out - overall fit and finish performance, quality and value. And a great looking gym - (any wife would be more than willing to accept this Gym into her home). Thanks for a great product keep up the good work!

Mike Petersen
St. Charles, IL.

Ontario, Canada

We recently purchased the M2 and have never loved a piece of exercise equipment more. We have had so many compliments on the machine from family and friends. It is an extremely user-friendly piece of equipment. We purchased the tan pads and it looks stunning in our newly painted exercise room. I love the versitility of the machine!

Lauralee Bushan-Jazey
London, Ontario Canada

North Caldwell, NJ

I received my Inspire M3 about a week and a half ago and I am completely blown away. I just can't stop using it. Thanks!

Dr. David Fost
North Caldwell, NJ


Six months ago I bought an Inspire M2 home gym. I needed a gym that could help me work on my chest, shoulders, back, triceps and biceps and could fit in a rather compact space. The M2 did all that. Not only that but the people involved with Inspire have made it a point to go above and beyond to help me with any questions that I had. Every morning at 5am I do my therapy for cystic fibrosis and then I workout on my Inspire M2. It has been an awesome product, the results are already showing. If anyone would like to contact me regarding my experience with my M2 home gym or Inspire Fitness, I can be contacted at Incidentally, my parents saw my M2 during a visit last month and were so impressed, they bought one also.

Andy Lipman
Norcross, Georgia


I set up my Inspire M2 last week and have really enjoyed using it. My parents visited last weekend and are so impressed that they're going to get one next week. We find it to be a great combination of quality, form, function, adaptability, efficient use of space, and good looks. I'm an aircraft design engineer and really enjoyed assembling it myself. I liked seeing the good quality construction. Thank you,

Steve Kreibach
Derby, KS

Brentwood, MO

I purchased my M3 Inspire about three years ago as I have several teenagers. Little did I know that I would become the primary user of this equipment. I spent several weeks researching, testing and pricing out various versions and models of home fitness products. I was originally attracted to the M3 as it?s suitable for low basement ceilings; I also like the optional leg press attachment which we added. However, the longer I?ve had this gem the more uses I?ve found and the more pleased I am with my investment. While there are far less expensive AND less quality products out there, you will only short change yourself in the long run ? and likely be frustrated with inferior construction. This is a rugged piece of equipment on which someone spent a great deal of time building in key features and customization capabilities that will never leave you lacking for the proper set-up. What I really like is that you?re not just stuck doing the same routine over and over. As you progress, you can not only add additional weight, but change position settings to intensify the workout. I recently had an issue with a cable that needed replacement and the process to get the parts was easy enough but what really impressed me was the outstanding customer service. The service department ? without any pressure ? offered to have the local dealer come out and replace the cables for me free of charge. What a relief. This is not only a quality product but it?s backed up by an outstanding manufacturer that is truly dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. I couldn?t be happier with my M3 and feel very good about my decision to purchase. Thank You!

Robert J. Schenk Visit me at
Brentwood, MO

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