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I compared the CB1 to the Schwinn Airdyne AD6 recently. To my surprise, the CB1 was superior in several categories. Not only was it at a much more attractive price point, but the build quality of the CB1 was excellent. While not as cosmetically pleasing as the Schwinn, I could tell that the CB1 was a workhorse.

Solid frame, strong connector arms to the handlebars, and bearings at all pivot points. I had the Schwinn dealer remove the shroud so I can inspect the pivot points and was surprised to find it used bushings where the connector arm and handlebars meet. While the AD6 had some advantages, they were all outweighed by the crank and pedal position. As an avid bicycle rider, I know that proper setup on a bike is crucial to ensuring I don’t experience knee stress. Basically, a proper setup on a bike will make sure that the knee is not past the toes on the pedal down stroke.

I found on the CB1 my knees were well back of my toes on the down stroke, while on the AD6 they were slightly ahead. It only took a few minutes of pedalling the Schwinn to start to feel some stress and discomfort in my knees. I spend a half hour on the CB1 in the showroom and felt no discomfort at all. I also did some interval sprints on the CB1 to see how sturdy it was. Very solid feel with almost no handlebar movement or shaking in general.

Overall, a very well made piece of equipment that I feel should last for many years. Well done, Inspire!

- London, Ontario, Canada

Compared the CB1 to the Airdyne.  Very impressed with the build quality of the CB1, and at half the cost of the Airdyne it was an easy buying decision.  Easy to assemble, sturdy, and has held up to some hard interval training.  Well done on quality piece of equipment at a very affordable price. 

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