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I am a physical therapist, certified athletic trainer and owner of Activecare Physical Therapy in Erie Pennsylvania.  I wanted to share my experiences with the CardioStrider CS2.  I do not own one of these, I own TWO!  I bought my 1st one for my clinic a year and a half ago, and I absolutely loved it as did my patients prompting me to buy a 2nd unit.  Most exercise devices have limitations on who can utilize the equipment based on certain aches and pains.  The CS2's unique design allows all patients to participate in progressive, whole body exercise regardless of which body part is injured.  No other machine in my 20 years experience has come close to this versatility.  And for under $2000 you can't go wrong.  Kudos to Inspire Fitness!  


I have a train wreck of a spine ... half of it has been fused for 40 years and I'm dealing with lumbar deterioration.  I recently started some physical therapy and used a recumbent step machine, liked it and started looking to see if there was something on the market I could afford and that would fit in my home.

My first and last stop was your store and the CS2.

I want you to know that I'm completely blown away by this apparatus.  It's the only thing I've ever been on that didn't hurt me (other than the rather clunky PT machine).  There are SO many people with bad backs who can't figure out how to regain and retain leg and core strength and I think the CS2 is an incredible tool.

I'm increasing my workout times and I can feel the difference.  And I love every minute on it ... I had no clue that was even possible with exercise equipment.

If I were you, I'd look into makreting this to every spine patient and/or Baby Boomer in Denver.  Chad very nicely gave me a contact in Atlanta so hopefully my 86 year old father can get one too.

Thanks again for a great product and an exceptional representative in Chad.


Holly Bowers - Denver, CO
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