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ACB-Ab Bench

BL1 Manual

CB1 Manual

CDVK Manual

CR2 Manual

CS1 Manual

CS2 Manual (OLD)

CS2 User Manual (NEW CS2.4)

CS2-5 Manual

CS3 Manual

CS4 Manual

Dumbbell Rack

FID Bench

FT1 Bench

FT1 Functional Trainer

FT2 Manual

HYP1 Manual

IC1 Manual
(Older Model)

IC1-2 Manual

IC2 Manual

Leg Press LP1

Leg Press LP2

LP2 M5 Manual

LP3 Manual

M1 Manual NEW 2014

M2 Manual (Old Previous to 2014)

M2 Manual NEW 2014

M3 Manual (Old Previous to 2014)

M3 Manual NEW 2014

M4 Manual

M5 Manual

M5 Manual
NEW 2015

Power Tower

PT1 Manual

SCS-0 Manual

Manual 2015

SCS-1 Manual

Manual 2015

SCS-2 Manual

Manual 2015

SCS-WB Manual

SQR1 Manual

(*) Offer good for US residents and CR2.1 owners only. One strap per machine. Please message us your shipping address to receive your strap.
      Health In Motion reserves the right to change the conditions of this offer at any time.