BL1 Body Lift
Price: $1,395

M1 Multi Gym
Price: $1,795

M2 Multi Gym
Price: $2,495

M3 Multi Gym
Price: $3,495

M5 Multi Gym
Price: $4,495


45/90 Hyperextension Bench
Price: $449

CB1 Air Bike
Price: $595

Ab Bench
Price: $699

Squat Rack
Price: $699

IC1 Indoor Cycle
Price: $995

IC2 Indoor Cycle
Price: $1,295

CS2.5 Cardio Strider
Price: $1,495

CS3 Cardio Strider
Price: $1,995

CR2.1 Cross Rower
Price: $1,995

FT1 Functional Trainer
Price: $2,495

CS4 Cardio Strider
Price: $3,795

FT2 Functional Trainer
Price: $4,495

SCS Smith Cage System
Price: $4,495


Inspire Commercial Lat Row
Price: $2,495

Inspire Commercial Leg Press
Price: $2,595

Inspire Commercial Strength Bicep / Tricep
Price: $2,695

Inspire Commercial Strength Chest / Shoulder
Price: $2,795


Accessory Rack
Price: $70

Preacher Curl
Price: $99

IC2 Indoor Cycle Console
Price: $100

Optional Shroud Colors
Price: $100

Weight Stack Upgrade
Price: $130

Leg Extension
Price: $139

Optional Pad Colors
Price: $140

Bumper Plate Tree
Price: $199

FLB2 Folding Bench
Price: $209

Vertical Dumbbell Rack
Price: $269

3-Tier Dumbbell Rack
Price: $269

FT1 Bench
Price: $329

SCS Bench
Price: $399

Leg Press Option for M-Series Gyms*
Price: $1,095


Ankle Strap
Price: $20

D-Handles (M-Series)
Price: $22

Deluxe D-Handles
Price: $27

Tricep Rope
Price: $30

5lb. Add-On Weight
Price: $30

Multi-Ring D Handles
Price: $30

Chin/Dip Belt
Price: $31

Steel 18 Inch Revolving Curl Bar
Price: $35

T34 Extended Range Polar Heart Rate Strap for CR2.1 Cross Row
Price: $35

Aluminum D Handles
Price: $40

Double D Low Row Handle
Price: $40

Heart Rate Strap
Price: $40

Sport Handle
Price: $40

Steel Lat Bar
Price: $45

Leg Conversion Kit for Leg Extension on Inspire FT2
Price: $50

Curl Bar - Dual Hook
Price: $50

SCS-WB Leg Lock
Price: $50

Straight Bar - Dual Hook
Price: $50

Aluminum EZ Curl Bar
Price: $90

Ab Bar
Price: $100

Aluminum Lat Bar
Price: $100

FT1 Accessory Kit
Price: $150

(*) Offer good for US residents and CR2.1 owners only. One strap per machine. Please message us your shipping address to receive your strap.
      Health In Motion reserves the right to change the conditions of this offer at any time.